Dryer plant

As you people know that timely harvesting and threshing of rice ensures optimum grain yield & quality, higher market and consumers’acceptance but major problem lies in drying of high moisture paddy. Nowadays people use different methods to dry the paddy which include sun-drying, flatbed dryers and recirculating dryers.
Sohail Rice Mill chose ‘Recirculating Dryers” to cater the problem of high moisture. Latest Plant and machinery of Steam Plant & Parboiled Unit along with world class infrastructure provides us a strong platform to deliver top-class finished quality products to our esteem customers.
Why Choose Us ?
Our Plant will enable the miller to produce any type of rice, as per market demands, at the most economical rate.
Steamed rice is in great demand in the market today because of fast food, which is invogue today globally, are made mostly by the steamed rice.
Our plant in built wholly of stainless steel, produces the most hygienic world class rice.
What’s more, as our Dryer plant is manufactured from non –corrosive stainless steel, it runs for more than 10 years without maintenance cost.
The least Wastage; as Our Dryer plant is fitted with electric auto control valve to control the temperature, it can boil and dry all types of paddy, with diverse moisture content, from the highest to the lowest.
Therefore, We welcome you all to bring your paddy in Sohail Rice Mill so it could be in safe hands and we assure you the best quality.