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Sohail Rice Mills Established in 1988, located in the heart of rice cultivating area (Gujranwala), successfully managing its accurate operations in sections of paddy or rice procurement, polishing, cleaning, grading, sizing, color sorting, packing and dispatch. We do have complete infrastructure needed in international business transactions and confident to meet business needs. Our main principle is effective, reliable, and honest business. It strictly implies quality controls covering entire segments in the benefit of happy and satisfied consumers. Stepping into 13th successful year of rice exporting is evidence itself of our steady growth through quality. Our mainly processed milled lines are brown & white rice.

Rice is the gift of nature in food-world as delightful daily diet for all ages. Pakistan is sharing a considerable percentage in production of world's rice yield. Punjab's five snow fed mineral water "Himalayan Rivers" irrigate Paddy Field for its exclusive Quality Features.


  • Super Kernal Basmati (Brown and White)

  • Long grain (Brown and White)

  • Silky and Non Silky Polished.


  • Packaging

  • Material in accordance to specification.

  • Design according to specification

  • Type of Packaging according to specification.

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