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The process of getting best quality rice always begins with the seed selection. Each year carefully selected healthy and pure seeds are distributed among farmers by Sohail Rice Mills. Throughout the season, an adequate network remains in place to interact with farmers from seedling to harvesting stage. Experts from Sohail Rice Mills visit farmers to assist them in preparation of soil, use of fertilizers, pest control techniques and crop care.

Selection and purchase of pure healthy and top grade paddy is critically important to guarantee best quality basmati rice. The company pays premium over market price to attract farmers with best produce, price is not a constraint where quality matters. At the same time we ensures that major portion of profit filters down to the hard working farmers.

Comprehensive inspection & testing precede purchase of paddy lots. Random samples are drawn from paddy and tests are performed after processing in mini mill to confirm yield, grain length, field admixture and cooking characteristics. Every lot has to meet stringent quality parameters before selection for processing.

Selection of paddy is a process where a rice mill needs to devote most of its energies, expertise and time. Quality of final product largely depends upon the paddy procured. Many rice mills avoid to indulge in such a laborious process and purchase semi-processed rice from brokers instead of paddy from farmers. Unfortunately, this cannot be done without compromising on quality.

Sohail Rice Mills have a different strategy though. Paddy is purchased at the beginning of rice season that effectively eliminates all chances of mixing of inferior varieties. This is so because paddy of different varieties of rice matures at different times and cannot be mixed with each other. On the other hand semi-processed rice available with brokers during rest of the year remains prone to mixing that is often hard to detect.

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