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Product Description

PK 386 Long Grain White Rice is the non-basmati rice variety favored for its long grain length and primarily used as blend with other basmati and non-basmati rice varieties depending on the requirements of client.

This rice variety is appropriate for the rice lovers who enjoy slightly dry types of cuisines. Nevertheless, due to the superiority over other long grain varieties, PK 386 is one of the most demanded non-basmati rice variety.

SPECIFICATION OF PK-386 Non-Basmati Rice


Product Features Quantity
Moisture Content: 12.5% Max
Average Grain Length: 6.8mm
Polishing Grade: Double/Silky Polished
Yellow Grains: 0%
Broken Grains: 1.5% Max
Chalky Grains: 3% Max
Contrasting Varieties: 7% Max
Under-milled & Red-striped: 1.5% Max
Color: White


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