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Khalis Pakwaan – Sohailrice

Khalis Pakwaan

Khalis Pakwaan

Product Description

The 1121 Basmati Rice is the world’s longest grain rice. This is the rice which has got place in the Limca Book of World Record due to its length. The length of uncooked 1121 basmati ranges from 8.05 to 8.30mm. Sella rice is very famous in Afghan, Iranian and Asian cuisines. 1121 Golden Parboiled Rice is also considered ideal for the preparation of various recipes due to its fully-grown size and nutritive value.

Pakistan Extra Long Grain Sela Rice shall be process from the

(Kainaat) paddy variety. The milled rice come from paddy that has gone through proper parboiling process whereby the grains that are produced have a slightly creamy yellowish color without foreign odor.

Grain Length Classification


Average Grain Length 7.70mm (min)


Grain Composition

Whole Kernal 98.00% (min)
Head Rice 98.00% (min)
½ Broken 2.00 (max)
¼ Broken 0.00%
Small Broken 0.00%



Milling Degree (min) Extra Well Mill
Polish Double Polish/Silky Polish


Chalky (max) 2.00%
Shrivelled/Immature (max) 2.00%
Damage/Heat (max) 0.50%
Yellow (max) 0.50%
Red Striped/Undermilled (max) 2.00%
Ungelatinized Kernal (max) 3.00%
Foreign Grains (max) 0.00%
Foreign Matter (max) 0.00%
White Glutinous / Waxy Rice (max) n.a
Contrasting Variety (max) 10.00%
Red Rice (max) 0.00%
Paddy Grains n.a



Moisture Content (max) 14.0%


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